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The Sceptical Poet Shop Now Open!

The next phase of our shameless money-grabbing exercise has begun! You can now buy Sceptical Poet themed t-shirts, mugs and other products at our new shop, which can be found here: Or alternatively, click the Shop menu option above. The range of products is currently small, but we are working on many designs which […]

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The Sceptical Poet is now on Patreon!

At the moment, stories for the Sceptical Poet are written in our spare time under a cloud of shame. Our children watch us mournfully while we type a few hundred words, delaying their meals by whole minutes of time. This situation cannot continue. But there is an answer! Give us money! At Patreon, you can […]

by Kevin Harris

Dad, What the F#*@?

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Political Scientists Flummoxed by Schrodinger’s Train Phenomenon

Political Scientists Flummoxed by Schrodinger’s Train Phenomenon

Political scientists up and down the country have become flummoxed by a rare phenomenon known as Schr√∂dinger’s Train Syndrome. The recently observed phenomenon occurs on Virgin trains and involves observation of train seats by people from the Labour party. People with no emotional stake in the Labour party merely see a train. If viewed by […]


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