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The Sceptical Poet is now on Patreon!

Baby with a sad expression on his face and heart shaped catch lights in his eyes representing love.  Isolated on Black.

At the moment, stories for the Sceptical Poet are written in our spare time under a cloud of shame. Our children watch us mournfully while we type a few hundred words, delaying their meals by whole minutes of time. This situation cannot continue.
But there is an answer!

Give us money!

At Patreon, you can pay us for the content we produce (you can apply a monthly cap). If you would like to support us, please follow the link!

In addition, we promise to hold a referendum on the UK’s membership of the world. Every year, the UK gives £350 squillion squillion to the world. We would put that money into the NHS.

Donate to the Sceptical Poet and save our NHS!

(The Sceptical Poet takes no responsibilities for any lies in the above statements)


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