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Calls for David Cameron to be Sacked After He Says You Must be a Psychopath if You Secretly Film Unsuspecting Animals


Prime Minister David Cameron has come under fire for claiming in an interview that people “must have a psychopathic element to them if they’re taking pleasure from secretly filming living things.”

Cameron singled out Chris Packham and David Attenborough as the worst culprits, and said he would push parliament to vote against allowing nature programs on TV in future.

There have been calls from Labour (and possibly the Lib Dems, who knows?) for Cameron to be sacked. Their new leader Jeremy Corbyn said, in a contemporary quote not quote-mined from 1985 for once:

“Cameron’s comments are an assault on British tradition. It has always been a part of British life to watch unsuspecting wild animals kill each other and have sex on TV, preferably in HD. A ban on the videoing of animals would be an assault on our culture.”

However, fans of the PM have started on online petition to keep him in his job, which has already gathered 30,000 signatures. Sam Cameroon, the originator of the petition, released a statement this morning. In it, she said:

“Filming animals for fun is just wrong. At least hunting them to death is honest. They can see you coming. They know where they stand, you know? But these people just hide in the undergrowth filming them, or perv at them having sex via hidden cameras. Who knows what goes on in those dark little huts in front of those monitor screens?”

At the moment it looks like Cameron is staying put, but so are the nature documentaries he hates so much. Monday sees the start of Attenborough’s new series ‘The Wild Seas’, which chronicles the serial murder of seals by sharks, while humans with massive cameras watch it all in hungry horror. It goes out in prime time for the whole family to enjoy.

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