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Katie Hopkins Turns Out to be Dead Nice. Honest.


‘Celebrity’ Katie Hopkins has announced that she is fed up of her portrayal in the media as a heartless bitch.

Hopkins, real name Debra Hiding, released a press statement earlier today in which she finally confessed to being a jobbing actress hired to front a publicity whore facade.

“I’m just Debbie from the block,” she told us. “I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when my now agent approached me and told me the media were looking for a new face of evil. My acting career was going nowhere and I’m a trained RADA theatre actor, so I thought what the hell!”

Rather than be outed by rival baddy on the block, Iain Duncan Smith, Debbie was forced to come clean.

Last year she donated at least half of her earnings as her alter ego Katie, to numerous charities. She doesn’t eat meat as she believes hurting anything living is wrong. She regularly visits sick children in hospital, and always, always helps old ladies cross the street.

Hopkins hopes this new revelation means she can now go and help some refugees without fear of being ostracised from the celebrity world.

“I’m no longer living a lie, I just want to make the world a better place. Peace and love for all.”

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