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The Queen Named As This Autumn’s Hottest New Fashion Icon.

  The Queen has been in the news again this week for doing something very spectacular indeed, not dying. It’s true, the Queen is indeed still alive. She has quashed rumours that she died years ago and is just a hologram by issuing an Instagram picture of herself sat in close vicinity to a laptop. […]

Queen Becomes Longest Reigning Benefits Claimant

Queen Elizabeth the second, matriarch of celebrity posh family the Windsors, is now officially the longest reigning benefits claimant in the UK. Liz, as she is known to her friends, has been living in her council house Buckingham Palace for at least sixty years. In that time she has never worked, living completely off state […]

Conservatives Privatise Royal Family – Endemol Promises Best Series of Big Brother Yet

In their latest extreme cost-cutting measure, the Conservative government has privatised the royal family. In the shock move, Endemol became the highest bidders, outbidding Disney and Marvel. They released a statement in the early hours of this morning: “As of ten o’clock last night, we now own the rights to the royal family. We will […]