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Failing at school? Not dead yet? Join the army! In the army, you get to travel all over the world (although in hot countries your boots might melt). You must be sick of your mum’s bedroom, amiright? In the army, you get to replace all your failures at school with hand-to-hand combat skills and camouflage […]

New Study Proves Once and For All What Men and Women Are Attracted To

A long term interdisciplinary study into the mating habits of human beings has finally revealed what men and women look for in the opposite sex.  The survey discovered that there are only three things which men and women are actually attracted to: – “First on the list is vocal chords. This allows men and women […]

Government Announce Plans to Segregate Entire Female Population from Men

Following feedback from the debate over whether there should be female only carriages on trains and the ongoing success of male and female public toilets, the government – worried that Labour are getting too much publicity – have announced plans to entirely segregate the male and female population of the UK. Starting next month, it […]