The Emperor’s New IPad

The new iPad 6 and 3/4 was launched yesterday amid a storm of controversy. “It’s either a very clever publicity stunt, or it’s an utter piss take,” said Mark Lucas, the first in line at the grand unveil in Clapham. “I’ve been waiting in this queue for days. I’ve pulled a sickie with work and […]

Website of the Week

New website made a splash in the cynical news story pool this week. Leaping down on us from the great height of sceptical nowhereness, it stabs a satirical knife into the heart of modern culture and twists until laughter comes out. Highly recommended. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Film Review: You Too Can be A Princess 3

Sickly sweet and powder pink comes the newest instalment in Disney’s ‘You Too Can be A Princess’ films. As with the first two films in the trilogy, this movie is aimed at girls aged three to ten. The overriding message is simple: follow basic rules, and you too can become a princess. Firstly, familiarise yourself […]

The Scent of Blue – New Perfume Review

To coincide with their successful Christmas takeover bid, Facebook are set to launch their first perfume. The scent, known only as ‘Blue’ will be packaged entirely in blue and will come in an F-shaped bottle. It features an odour of ylang ylang and musk with an underlying hint of blueberry. It’s a pleasant smell, but […]