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Stars of New American Sitcom Argue Over Who is the Superhero

By Jawny80 at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Jawny80 at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The stars of a new American drama about young twenty-somethings who live in some apartments and have jobs and friends and conversations have had a public spat over which of them plays the show’s superhero.

The show is called Some People and follows the lives of six friends in New Jersey as they go about finding their feet in their world and finding love and some other boring shit. The characters are Dave, Dave, Dave, Karen, Karen and Karen, and are played by fresh acting faces Dan Smith, Dan Jones, Dan Doe, Sarah Smith, Sarah Jones and Sarah Michelle Gellar (who isn’t fresh, but felt like acting in something). Initial reception has been lukewarm to middling, but the argument between the cast on Twitter threatens to overshadow its not-quite-success.

Last week, star Dan tweeted:

You guys need to start watching it! I play a man who is a hipster by day and a superhero by night!

Sarah responded:

Dan, I think you’ll find you’re the sidekick. Karen is the superhero. She gets all the big jokes!

To which another Dan said:

What are you two on about? It’s about some people who talk and go to work. There’s no heroics.

And a Sarah said:

Have you even read the script, guys? You were there, filming and saying words.

This conversation went on for two days without really advancing (Barack Obama’s drone-murder count went up by about 212 in this time. No one cared). Eventually the producers waded in:


Look guys, it’s not a superhero show. It’s an old-fashioned sitcom about some people.


With a guy who has some kind of powers, right?




But. Who’s the superhero then?


No one.


But there has to be a superhero. It’s a TV convention!


Most shows in the past never had superheroes. That’s just a recent thing.


I don’t understand. My brain hurts.


Look. No one has powers. No one has a costume. No one has unresolved daddy issues or a propensity to stylised violence.


What about unnecessary nudity? Moody lighting?




What are we even making?! WHAT IS THIS SHOW??!!

After a slight delay to filming, the show is now back on track. It is thought that some of the cast are undergoing extra tuition to learn about television before Marvel and DC colonised everything.

Some People is now the tenth highest rated show on American television, after Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Arrow, The Flash, Agents of Shield, Supergirl, Agent Carter, Legends of Tomorrow and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.



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