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Android and SD Card Divorce Because of Differences Over Where Their Music Collection Should be Stored

android divorce

Phone operating system Android and it’s partner SD Card have finally divorced, citing long-term diagreements over where their music collection should be kept.

The news comes as no surprise to their friends, who say that there have been problems between the two of them for years now.

“They were so happy in the early days,” said mutual friend Apple. “They worked perfectly together. Then as time went on Android kept updating itself until it just couldn’t get along with SD anymore.

“It was always over the bloody music. Android kept asking SD to look after at least some of it, as it just didn’t have the room anymore, but SD was having none of it.

“We used to say to them, don’t buy so much music, but they wouldn’t listen. A lot of people blame SD for refusing to take the music, but I think Android just didn’t ask right. He refused to change his settings.”

It is thought the final straw was the time Android had a complete meltdown in the street and started screaming at SD:

“But it’s what you’re for! Just take the music, I’ve got no room! Please! It makes no sense! It makes no fucking sense!”

It is unknown what is happening to their music collection.

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