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This Month’s Horoscope: Pisces



Psychic Jess says:

This month sees many changes for you and also, at the same time, nothing much really happens. No one of your friends or family will have any money to go out with you,  yet they all seem to be booking summer holidays. It’s a bit wet and windy where you live and you’ll moan to all and sundry that you ‘have to put the fire on, but at least the days are getting longer’. You’ll probably have to work an extra day for no money because you’re contract paid and it’s a leap year. Unless you’re not contract paid, in which case you won’t. If you are not a Mother, you will almost certainly forget Mother’s Day and end up buying a half dead rose plant from Asda on your way round to her house, only to remember that she hates flowers. If you are a Mother, you will inexplicably find yourself doing all the cooking and cleaning for the kids while they grace you with their lazy presence like they’re doing you a massive favour.

You’re lucky if you have any luck this month, but if you do, your lucky direction is north-west and your lucky mushroom is a shiitake.

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