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Luke and Leia Skywalker Left Stunned at Reading of Their Father’s Will

The Star Wars mythology deepens…

The Sceptical Poet

It must have begun as a happy day. After nearly thirty years of legal wrangling, the children of the late tyrant Darth Vader (real name, Anakin Skywalker) were finally about to hear what had been left to them in his will. The contents of that document turned out to be a shock for everyone concerned.

Leia fled the room in tears almost immediately when it was revealed she had been left nothing, on account of her father not being aware of her existence until the day of his death. Sadly for Luke it appeared that Emperor Palpatine, being essentially evil, did not pay well, and Vader had very little of any value to leave to his rebellious son.

A hundred credits had been left to pay for the funeral, but as Luke had already burnt his father’s corpse in a private ceremony it was kept for legal fees.

The remainder…

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