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EXCLUSIVE: Ernest Hemingway Interview

thescepticalpoet.com EXCLUSIVE:
The real story behind the shortest story ever told.


Today we talk to Ernest Hemingway,  author, scepticalpoet blogger, one time classified ads publisher and proud winner of the shortest story ever told competition.

‘Hems’ as his friends call him won the competition with his harrowingly beautiful story, ‘For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn’.

In yet another of our exclusive interviews, Hems told us:

“The story is designed to conjured up multiple images in the readers mind. What colour are the shoes? Why have they never been worn? What baby? Is the baby dead? Is the baby such a pain in the arse for taking his shoes and socks off all the time, that when his Nanny Pat bought him new ones for Christmas, his mother sold them on eBay because what’s the point in even trying to put them on his god damn feet anyway?”

Well I think we have our answer there, readers..

Thanks for the exclusive Hems. The dinner party starts at 8.


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