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Book Review: The Time-Traveller’s Shopaholic Sister’s Diary by C. H. Icklit 

This book is a must-read, feel-good, tragic romp which mixes together the elements of love, hate, shopping, pain and finding your inner strength into one giant, beautiful cookie- dough ball. You’ll be crying with laughter and laughing through your tears as you follow our underratedly beautiful heroine Betty Bland as she time travels around like Marty McFly in a bid to save her shopaholic sister from buying the wrong shoes. Betty weaves her way though a series of mishaps, misshapes and mistakes to a grand and completely unpredictable finale. We won’t ruin it for you, but it’s very likely she overcomes adversity and finds her Prince Charming in the form of a golden slipper. So if you like predictability and a corny happy ending, then this is the book for you.

Available now from all good bookshops and WH Smith.

One comment on “Book Review: The Time-Traveller’s Shopaholic Sister’s Diary by C. H. Icklit 

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