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New John Lewis Christmas Advert Leaves Viewers in the Cold 

The new John Lewis Christmas advert has been condemned by homeless charities after it depicts a homeless man being forced to watch a middle class toff family throw a lavish party.

“It’s shocking but not surprising,” said anti homeless campaigner Bob.

“After all, John Lewis prides itself on catering for a certain elite section of society. They are never knowingly undersold, but they’re happy to stick their fingers in their ears and say ‘la la la can’t hear you’ as other firms quote much cheaper like-for-like prices.”

The advert portrays an elderly homeless man abandoned on the moon, watching on with a tear in his eye as a little girl is surrounded by lavish gifts and overpriced party food, probably from Marks & Spencer. The child then parades around in her pretty frock for a while until the party is over, whilst the homeless man looks on at a life he will never have, through a telescope sent to him by the little girl just to help rub it it in. The nice middle class family then close their expensive door and the homeless man remains outside, alone in the cold, on the moon, where he will probably freeze to death if the lack of oxygen doesn’t get to him first.

Happy Christmas from John Lewis.

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