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New Rainbow Diet Celebrity Fad Hits UK

The latest celebrity diet craze has hit the UK this week after photos of John Goodman’s weight loss went viral. It’s called The Rainbow Diet and was started by Rachel Rainbow after she drunkenly bet her friends she could start a new diet craze.

“Just because I was rat-arsed when I thought of the idea, it doesn’t mean the diet won’t actually work” said Rachel in an exclusive interview to somebody who isn’t us.

The Rainbow Diet involves eating certain colour foods on certain days:

Monday. Red foods: Red peppers and tomatoes.

Tuesday. Orange foods: Orange peppers and tangerines.

Wednesday. Yellow foods: Yellow peppers and custard.

Thursday. Green foods: Green peppers and kale.

Friday. Blue food: Blueberries.

Saturday. Indigo food: Blueberries.

Sunday. Violet foods: Blueberries with Palma violets for pudding.

The diet, which had not been endorsed by a single doctor, has been tried by an estimated three million people so far, many of whom are celebrities (You know, those celebs that will try any old faddy, bullshit diet: the baby food diet, the tissue paper diet, the dust diet… ).

If you’re one of these people, you can order Rachel’s diet plan and special organic food online at: http://www.moneymakingscam.com for just £100 a week.

•Editor’s Note: It turns out John Goodman didn’t actually do the Rainbow Diet. He just ate less and exercised more, but Rachel doesn’t really give a shit as she’s already made millions.


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