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Coca-Cola Unveils New Limited Edition ‘Christmas’ Flavour

Coke giants Coca-Cola are adding to their already over saturated cola market with a “stunning new flavour”.

Following the success of their other flavoured colas like vanilla, diet and cherry, and following the moderate success of their citrus and caffeine free flavours, they will be releasing a special seasonal cola.

“Our new ‘Christmas Coke’ features subtle hints of mulled wine and mince pies, encompassed by your favourite cola taste,” said a Coca-Cola spokesman.

Christmas Coke will come in limited edition cans which will feature the usual red and white colouring, but with a Santa hat on the letter C and snowflakes falling all around. Sadly, no picture is yet available.

It will be available in regular, diet and semi diet varieties, aswell as a ‘zero’ diet edition for men who can’t handle the word diet.

“I’m very excited to try the new flavour,” said coke enthusiast Giles Summers who has recently set up a coke tasting experience where you can sample the delights of forty different colas from all over the world. “I didn’t think they could top the Chocolate Coke Easter flavour they did, but christmas coke sounds amazing.”

It’s all a bit hush-hush at the moment but there’s also rumours of a new ‘vitamin’ Coca-Cola, aimed at people who can’t be bothered to eat properly. Fingers crossed, as our sceptical poetry group is a bit vitamin C deficient.

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