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Eastenders to Cast Soaps’ First Three Legged Cat 


Eastenders has always been famous for casting roles that tick every box, with gay vicars, HIV positive people, and disabled and ethnic minority characters.

It’s no surprise then, that in a bid to boost ratings and upstage the Coronation Street cat, they have recently cast Kooky the three legged tabby.

“The Coronation Street cat is a traditional ginger cat,” said Eastenders producer Alison Padalecki. “With all its eyes, ears and legs. It doesn’t have a disability. Unless you count it being ginger, it doesn’t tick a single solitary box.”

Alison went on to tell us that Kooky, as well as only having three legs, is also bi-curious and blind.

“We’re not just doing this to make the headlines or anything. We genuinely think there’s a need for a bi curious, blind, three-legged cat in our show, especially now that Ethel’s Willy is dead.”

Kooky will be joining the cast just in time for a big Christmas storyline involving Phil Mitchell. She is busy rehearsing and learning her lines as we type.

Kooky is a little concerned about starring next to Phil Mitchell because she’s heard he isn’t much into cats as he much prefers dogging.


One comment on “Eastenders to Cast Soaps’ First Three Legged Cat 

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