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Britain First Diploma Credentials Available Online Now

Ever wanted to learn how to argue with Britain First logic? Ever wished you were able to give the facts about immigration and that nasty foreigner who simultaneously stole your job, and your unemployment benefits?

Well now you can, and you can get an accredited qualification whilst you’re at it.

The university of Wallasey is the first in the UK to offer online debate diplomas in basic and advanced ‘Insane Troll Logic’.

Britain First Diploma Credentials Available Online Now

Course prices start from £399 but you can get them on groupon for £29. If the course is not available today, be sure to check again on Monday. It’s bound to come up again. And again.

In order to successfully complete the course, you will undertake 14 or 28 modules. You can do them in your own time, from the comfort of your own home. You will learn about the different types of racist and offensive nonsense they spout. You will see examples of typical ‘Britain First’ statements in action. You will then be given the actual facts associated with each statement and coached on how to respond as an intelligent, civilised, articulate adult. With actual facts. Not just made up angry bullshit.

You will complete a series of multiple choice tests, which you are free to take as many times as like, and if you still can’t do them, we’ll just email you the answers. After that, you can print off your certificate or post it direct to your favourite social media site, whichever. When you have completed the course, and downloaded your certificate, you will be legally qualified to argue with any BF member you should have the misfortune to encounter.

Your certificate is valid for a lifetime, so depending on how long you live, it might work out less than the £2 a month it would cost you to join Britain First.

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