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Out of Work Baker Accuses ‘Bake Off’ Winner of Stealing Her Job


Out of work baker Julie Baddon of Somerset has accused Nadiya Jamir Hussain, the winner of this year’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’, of “stealing her job”.

“She took my job,” said an angry Julie in the Daily Mail. “I’ve worked all my life to make cakes for the British public, and applied to be on the show, and then she comes over here from wherever she’s from and takes my job as winner.”

When informed that Nadiya was from Luton and that maybe she was actually being a bit racist, Julie was unrepentant:

“I’m not racist. I’m really liberal. I would happily bake a gay cake. I’ve never been asked, but I totally would. But you’ve got to have British cakes for British people. I haven’t sold a cake in weeks. They’re too busy eating muslim cakes.

“They only gave the position on the show to her because she’ll work for less flour and eggs than me. It’s not on. And now she’ll be off baking and selling the cakes that I should be baking and selling. People only eat so many cakes. They could be eating my cakes, but they’ll be eating hers.”

When reminded that her and Nadiya lived in different counties, and that there was more than enough demand for cakes, Julie retorted:

“It doesn’t matter where she lives. I deliver. But they won’t eat my cakes if they’re full from hers, will they?”

When asked to comment, Nadiya replied: “What the fuck is she drivelling on about?”


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