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Scientists Discover That The Last General Election Put Us into An Opposite Universe


Scientists at the European Space Agency have discovered that the last general election pushed the planet Earth into an opposite ‘mirror’ universe.

In a new paper, the ESA state:

“The public reaction of abject horror following the success of the Conservatives was so strong, that it propelled the Earth into a parallel universe where everything is the opposite of what it should be.

“Once we discovered this, everything about the last five years suddenly made sense.”

At the recent anti-austerity March in Manchester, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn acknowledged the discovery:

“For years we’ve been struggling to understand Tory policy, and now we finally have answers.

“For example, their new idea to give kids a start in life by taking money away from their parents. Didn’t make sense before. Now it makes perfect sense: we live in opposite world!

“This policy of taking money and services away: it actually helps the economy in opposite world.

“Last but not least, in opposite world, the deader the poor and disabled are, the more they can contribute to society.

“All this time we thought the Conservatives were savage murderous scum, but they’re actually heroic beacons of philanthropy. I take it all back.”

In closing, the ESA wrote:

“It sounds like science fiction, but honestly what else could the answer be? The only other possibility is that people actually vote for, accept and support a governing party of alarming levels of murderousness, cruelty and corruption. That can’t be right, can it?”

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