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Surf Board Manufacturer Announces New ‘Mars’ Range


Following the news that there is running water on Mars, surf board manufacturers Board Stupid have announced their new ‘Mars’ Range.

The stylish boards are specially weighted for Mars’ gravity and come in a variety of Mars-themed designs, such as ‘Totally Recall, Dude’ and ‘The Surfer Chronicles’.

Board Stupid are hoping to appeal to the same people who buy plots of land on the moon from companies that don’t own it, on the off-chance their distant descendants will be able to physically claim it.

“These boards would make great gifts for your grandkids’ grandkids’ grandkids’ grandkids, assuming they like surfing and live on Mars. Imagine gliding down the great peaks of Mars, your board cutting a path through the tiny steam of water, the wind ruffling the outer layer of your spacesuit.”

The boards retail at £600,000. Board Stupid maintain the hefty price tag is worth it for the unique experience one of your descendants may potentially have.

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