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Man Who Used Money Supermarket Doesn’t Feel That Epic


A man who used the online price comparison site Money Supermarket to get a good deal on his car insurance has revealed that he only felt mildly uplifted afterwards.

“I think in total I saved about a fiver on the insurance,” said John Jones. “It’s still a saving, obviously, but I don’t feel epic. I don’t even feel like it was worth clicking on the site, really. At most, I’d say I feel about the same level of epic as if I’d bought a snickers bar while waiting for a bus.

“There was no elephants, or celebrities. None of that stuff in the adverts remotely portrayed my mood. I didn’t feel confidence anywhere near the level of a ’90s black stereotype. It’s almost as if those adverts were exaggerating just to get business.”

Money Supermarket have offered to discuss the issue with John, but he wasn’t really that bothered.

“I’ll probably give that one with the opera singer a go next, or maybe the meerkats one. It’s hard to know which one to choose without a site to do it for me.”

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