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Cameron Versus Corbyn: New Character Chess Set Announced


Games firm, The Grown Up Gadget Co (GUG Co), have announced plans to rush release a Cameron Vs Corbyn character chess set. Each piece will be hand crafted to the highest quality and will feature a tiny politician in replace of the traditional pieces. There were plans to release this on a monthly magazine subscription basis, but those things never get past issue four.

Following the success of other novelty chess boards like The Simpsons and Star Wars, and along with extensive research (they asked their mates), the game is due for imminent release.

“We need to get it out there as soon as possible, before the novelty wears off and the joke isn’t funny anymore,” said Xander Nichols, the genius behind the idea.

“The Cameron V Corbyn class, erm I mean chess, board is what voters really want,” said Dawn Keys, CEO of GUG Co. “We’ve pitted the big Cs against each other to battle it out once and for all. The winner has to sing the National Anthem.”

“The queen pieces have been replaced by the deputies, and the backbenchers by the pawns. The other peices will be the cabinet and the shadow cabinet. We’re just waiting for Corbyn to make his bloody mind up so we can start painting their little faces on.”

Game tester Jesse told us: “I like the way they have Team Cameron on the right and Team Corbyn on the left. Dead clever that is.”

When asked who they were marketing their chess board at, GUG Co replied: “Y’know, students and smart arse lefties and the like. The kind of people who bought our Margaret Thatcher shaped bottle opener/nut cracker combo. The righties already have the toy market saturated. They’ve got their Tory Top Trumps, Con-dem Cluedo and Pin the Tail on the Pleb, so we’re not going to waste our time trying to get through to them.”

You can order the CvsC chess set now at all good board game stockists or alternatively, you can download the app on your smartphone. Order or download before the end of September and get a free deck of Conservative or Labour picture playing cards featuring all your favourite politicians (packs will be sent at random).

Since writing this article, GUG have announced they are now hoping to get the rights to make a Nigel Farage themed Hungry Hungry Hippos, with tiny tiny immigrants instead of marbles.

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