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Pesky Aliens Play Hide the Bible at Top UK Hotels


It’s no secret that some guests steal from their hotel room but this latest craze seems astonishing.

Hotels have been reporting a steady increase over the last the five years in the amount of Bibles that have gone missing from their rooms.

These disappearances have mostly occurred in the UK, with Manchester reporting over 50 disappearances in one weekend in April 2015.

We spoke to hotel manager Bob, who runs a large chain of very famous hotels. He told us:

“We’re used to people nicking the toiletries, towels and bog roll, but lately staff have been reporting large numbers of religious books going AWOL.

“We recently renovated one of our rooms and found a damp, mouldy Gideon’s Bible hidden behind the bath panel. We’ve also found a King James wrapped in a spare blanket at the back of the wardrobe.”

No one seems to want to take responsibility for this new craze, but Bob firmly believes that alien race the Ekid are the culprits.

In the absence of any logical explanation that makes any real sense, we at the thescepticalpoet.com also believe the Ekid are responsible and pledge our allegiance to our new leaders.

Has anyone seen our tinfoil hats?

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