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Office Worker ‘Sent to Coventry’ for Forgetting to Bring in Birthday Cakes on His Own Birthday



Office workers at an unnamed company have shunned their colleague because he forgot to bring in cakes when it was his birthday, sources reveal.

Clive Collins, the offender in question, told us:

“I’ve been ostracised. Staff morale is at an all-time low, and it’s all because I was too busy watching Eastenders on catch up and forgot to go to Greggs.”

One of Clive’s colleagues told us:

“I’m shocked. I hired him personally and I didn’t think he was like that. I just didn’t see it coming. It’s office etiquette to bring in sweet treats for everybody else when it’s your birthday. It’s a rule we all abide by. Well, except for Mr Collins it would seem. I threw in two nicker an’ all. I want my éclair.”

The company have issued a statement saying that behaviour such as Collins’ has no place in their workforce, and that as a punishment Clive will now have to organise the office Christmas party on his own.

“And he’ll have to do it on his own time.”

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