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Woman Refuses to Serve Customers Until They Have Shower


Kansas born shop worker Aileen Walker has caused a media sensation this week by refusing to serve customers who have baths instead of showers.

The internet was flooded yesterday with footage of the cashier arguing with a customer after asking him if he had bathed or showered that morning.

When the customer, Bob Roberts, refused to answer, Walker leaned over her till and sniffed his pits. She is reported to have said something along the lines of: “You’ve had a bath, you have. You’ve sat in your own filth. I’m not serving you, you dirty bugger.”

At that point, Roberts switched on his camcorder and retaliated with a slur of insults aimed at Ms Walker’s mullet and pink leggings.

Sources have revealed that Ms Walker is afraid of baths and anyone who associates with them, and has been refusing to serve bathing customers for several months.

We managed to track down Eileen’s ex-partner Jody who revealed to us that Aileen often bathed when they lived together. “She loved a good bath but now, for some unknown reason she’s developed an aversion to them.”

Like all phobias, ablutophobia is often linked to a traumatic past event.


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