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Man Gets Annoyed That Joke Website Won’t Accept His Jokes, Starts Up Own Website in a Huff.


Lol Harrison thought he was a very funny man, so he wrote some jokes and sent them off to a joke website.

After four minutes of patiently waiting for a ‘you’re fantastic, you’re hired’ email which never arrived, Lol ‘saw his arse’ and started up his own joke-telling business.

“Fuck you, Jokes‘R’Us,” he scoffed. “I’m clearly hilarious. I’ve got a degree in jokiness, a masters in double entendrés and I’m very good at being a sarky twat too.”

Lol now runs his joke-telling business from a market stall he set up on his front lawn. He also has a website, but it’s a bit ropey because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

We asked Lol to provide some jokes for us, but he said we wouldn’t “get them”.

Check him out for yourself at thescepticalpoet.com

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