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It’s A Blue, Blue Christmas


Facebook recently announced that it has ‘bought Christmas’.

In a statement to the press, they said they have purchased the entire festival and everything related to it.

Father Christmas will now wear a blue outfit to offset his white beard in a bid to emulate the colours of the facebook flag.

In addition, facebook will only display Christmas related ads on their site, and blue dye will be squirted into the air whenever it snows so that it snows ‘blue’ from now on.

The traditional robin will be replaced by a picture of a laptop with the site’s logo clearly showing, and Christmas trees will be adorned with candy crush saga decorations.

In their statement, facebook said that they will now own a ten percent share of all your children’s presents aswell as  the copyright to all your photos.

They have already commissioned Jessie J to do a funky modern day cover of Elvis Presley’s Blue Christmas.

“This is almost certainly going to be number one. Not even the X-Factor song can challenge us,” says Facebook friend Arnie Corporate, who recently ‘liked’ Facebook’s new Facemas page.

But not everyone is happy with these events.

“This ‘Facemas’ is all about marketing and money. It used to be about family and arguments over who gets to look after Granny,” says sceptic Bob Noncorporate. “Not how many friends Facemas has.”

It is rumoured that Cliff Richard is planning on coming out of hiding to release an album of Christmas songs entitled Christmas Time, Facebook and Wine.

So, not too different from an average Christmas.

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