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Rice Pudding Fan Left in Tears by What He Calls the Biggest Disappointment of His Life

A wife has been left traumatised by her husband’s rice pudding rage. rice-pudding-1319078-1280x960

Pudding-gate, as it’s now become known, started when pudding enthusiast Colin Brown brought home a can of what he thought was chocolate rice pudding only to discover soon afterwards that it was actually bog standard rice pudding in a brown tin.

Colin’s wife (she doesn’t have a name) told reporters, “It wasn’t too bad at first, but then he realised there were sultanas in the rice pudding and he totally flipped.”

“He emptied the entire tin over his head while screaming, before starting to choke on a sultana. I filmed it all, of course. I got £200 off You’ve Been Framed.”

Colin has since started up a Facebook group to ban the popular pudding, and tried his darn hardest to start a Twitter trend hashtag but didn’t know what one was. He also sent forty-seven complaints to the makers of the pudding, forty-six of which were ignored. The other simply mocked him for his inability to read the label.

Colin is now in retail therapy and has changed his name from Brown to White as a protest at the deficient pudding. His lawyer, Lionel Hutz, is suing for damages on his behalf. Hutz told us:

“They deliberately designed the dessert label to look like chocolate to trick simpletons into being healthy. It’s a government conspiracy, probably. No-one in their right mind would eat sultanas, and rice has no place in a pudding anyway.”

The manufacturers, when asked, responded with a polite ‘shrug’ and a free tin of rice pudding.

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